Dr Von Hyde’s Cocktails

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The Smok­ing Yodeller

The Smoking Yodeller CocktailThe Smok­ing Yodeller


30ml Von Hyde herbal liqueur
25ml Sweet ver­mouth
10ml Dry ver­mouth
30ml Grape juice
5 drops lemon bitters

Add all ingre­di­ents to glass filled with ice and stir for 20 sec­onds, use smok­ing gun with apple wood and dried orange peel to flavour drink and fin­ish with spray of orange oils from twist.

The Doktor

The Docktor CocktailThe Dok­tor


35ml Von Hyde herbal liqueur
15ml Lon­don dry gin
15ml freshly squeezed lime juice
Topped up with
150ml Fevertree gin­ger beer

Served tall on the rocks with a stick of liquorice to garnish.

Cen­tury Sours

Century Sours CocktailCen­tury Sours


35ml Von Hyde herbal liqueur
20ml White Tequila
15ml Organic agave syrup
20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
The white of one egg
A grat­ing of Cas­sia bark
4 drops of Home made Corian­der and sea­weed bitters

Shake then dry shake all ingre­di­ents apart from the cas­sia bark and bit­ters then dou­ble strain into a chilled coupe style glass, grate bit­ters on top and drop bit­ters on top.

Blaubeeren und Kräuter

Blaubeeran und Krauter CocktailBlaubeeren und Kräuter


30ml Von Hyde herbal liqueur
25ml Creme de mure
10ml spiced gomme syrup
20ml Apple juice
15ml lemon juice
10 fresh blackberries

Shake all well with ice and strain into a chilled Mar­tini glass, gar­nish with black­ber­ries on a cock­tail stick.

Dr Von Hyde’s Von Bomb

Dr Von Hyde's Von Bomb CocktailDr Von Hyde’s Von Bomb

Von Bomb Ingredients;

25ml Von Hyde Herbal Liqueur
Half a tum­bler of Energy Drink

Fill a tum­bler glass half full of Energy Drink and drop the shot of Von Hyde Herbal Liqueur into the glass and let the party begin.…